Jupiter Saturn Conjunction


In anticipation of the conjunction event of a millennia, Lisa & I dug out and dusted off our telescope. After 20+ years and four relocations, finding and assembling all the parts was a task onto itself.

Our viewing was out of this world, literally and figuratively. Through the eyepiece we enjoyed within a single view Jupiter (and moons) and Saturn with rings.

My photographic skills do not do justice to our viewing, but to give a hint of our viewing, below are Jupiter with Bands, and Jupiter with moons (if you look real hard).

Jupiter with Bands
( Celestron, f10; Cannon, ISO 400, 1/100s )
Jupiter with Moons (Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto)
( Celestron, f10; Cannon, ISO 400, 1/25s )

Through the eyepiece was far more crisp and impressive.

Hopefully clear skies tomorrow night, and event night, the night after.


Clouds were threatening,

but did NOT prevail

Jupiter Saturn Conjunction
( Celestron, f10; Cannon ISO 400, 1s )

HOW we are seeing it...

Here is a diagramatic view, found on The Planets Today

imagine a line from the darking part of the Earth, under the Moon, to the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction.

Lastly, our nearest neighbor (1st quarter) was watching from over us...

( ETX, f13.8; Cannon, ISO 400, 1/125s )

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