I am 100% American. If one is not a native American Indian, that means fully mixed blood. This diluted mixture of many ancestoral nationalities also means I have my work cut out for me in researching genealogy. For me that means jumping from one interesting branch to another.

What makes genealogy for me even more exciting is that my wife's heritage is Indian (India). Her family, historically, did not follow a solar anular calendar but rather a lunar calendar. And her family does not track back through a single family name but rather each generation has a new name. It makes genealogy REALLY interesting and presents some interesting challenges.


GEDCOM Library


Ancestor Photo Album

One of my current projects is to build an ancestral photo album.

In addition to the usual old and sometimes current images I have been tinkering with a way to "identify" the persons in the photographs. Many in the current and therefore all subsequent generations will not have a picture or remember what Great, .., Great Grandma or Grandpa look like. The most difficult part is capturing names for faces today, so they are not lost for tomorrow.

The bottom line is, you place your cursor over the face of a person and a pop-up will provide the person's name. In some rare cases, I have also built a link from the identification HOT SPOT to the GEDCOM record for the individual.

  • Give the image a filename that provides the when - where - who - what of the image; eg. 19360120 - CAN BC - ACM TJM MRM WAM ETM - Out & About.jpg
  • Script prompts for a name for each face discovered in the image
  • Script assembles a library card (metadata: part dublin core, part library card) for the image
  • Script stores the library card into the image exif header
  • Script builds an html wrapper for the image from the exif header library card

Check out the results....

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Next up, a database to select, sort, ...

Basavanagudi - Photo Album(s) Archive Project

While in Bangalore "recently" (2007), we happened upon some old photo albums. As much to "get them out of the closet" as to catch a couple of pics of my wife's early family and childhood - Shrikanth, Ramesh, and I made it a small project to scan the photos. Far too large a task for a week, we focussed on the predominantly Black & White albums. We - the family - now have over 500 images (22.9GB) to go through; identifying the when, where, & who of the images.


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Always happy to share my information or ideas. As might be expected, I am discovering others with interests in some of the same family names. If you can't find a common ancestor with my data, you might try

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