Train Adventures

  1955.12 US/MN to CA/BCVisit Grandma & Grandpa (45 East 62nd, Vancouver BC, CA) with Mom and Dad.
US/MN to CA/BC: Olympian (Milwaukee RR) and Empire Builder (Great Northern).
CA/BC to US/MN: Main Streeter (Northern Pacific)
  1959.10 US/MN to CA/BCVisit Grandma (Main Street, Vancouver, BC, CA) with Mom, Rene, and Jim
  1980? US CO to CAZephyr from Denver to Salt Lake, Amtrak to LA and San Diego
  1981? US IL to MAAmtrak Chicago to Boston
  1982? DE, FR, CH, ATEuRail Adventure
  1983? DE to NOBirthday Present to Bodo and Artic Circle
  1983.12GBR: London-Edinburgh Return?!? Flying Scotsman
  1986.05 DE to NOLofoten Islands
  1986.12 INBombay to Bangalore
  1990.09 DEOvernight - Weekend in Berlin
  199x DE NLOvernight - Weekend in Amsterdam
  199x DE AT HUOvernight - Weekend in Budapest
  199x DE CZOvernight - Brewery Tours in Czech
  199x DE FROvernight - Weekend in Paris
  1995.12 INBangalore - Kerala - Bangalore
  1999.07 ATDampflokomotivfuerscheinwochenender
  2001.06 SA, BW, ZW, ZMBirthday Solar Eclipse from the Rovos Rail - The Pride of Africa
  2002.07 ATAmatuer Steam Locomotive with Therrien Family
  2004.08 BE, FR, GB EuroStar - FRA to GBR and return via Chunnel
  2004.08 CHDampfzug Furka BergStrecke, Grimsel to xx